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    Flat rate???

    If Anyone is Stupid enough to accept the new flat rate plan... Please o Please contact me. I am selling Halogen Fluid for Headlights at a reduced rate, I've got Reverse gear only Transmissions on the cheap, Oceanfront property just outside Nogales Az. with water rights , and New cigarette...
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    Load Acceptance Rates Included in Ranking

    Mmmmm BAhahahahahahaha--- That's has to be the funniest ,B.S. post I have seen in a long, long time. "CC has always been the lowest performing arm of the FedEx family of Companies". That my dear friend is an outright, misinformed, Kool-Aid drinking, misconception, uneducated Lie!! I normally do...
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    Silent Board??

    Hmmm Must have lost alot of contractors here.. No Posts in almost thirty Days. Whats up with that??? Any Suggestions??? :rolleyes:
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    How low can they go

    This kind of Unethical BS happens all the time. Had a truck dispatched on a load, Driver arrives at shipper,hits Qcom for P/u Arr.,Dispatch calls and says they are taking him off of the load because customer requested a certain unit. Come to find out the truck dispatched on the load had been...
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    FedEx Custom Critical goes Red

    If Anyone here thinks that a color change is all that is taking place, I've got some Ocean Front Property in Montana for sale!!! This move comes at a great expense not only for the Fed but Contractor's as well. How great an Expense we will wait and see. Today the Contractor does not have to pay...
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    FMCSA HOS Proposal Good or Bad????

    FMCSA proposes hours changes By Avery Vise Under a long-awaited proposal from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers couldn’t drive more than seven hours without a break, would have to rest for at least one hour during their 14-hour driving window and could only...
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    How Are the BR-units Working Out?

    As previously stated by others-- There is not enough freight at the present time to support the number of units within the fleet.And the fleet is yet growing again-- Simply amazing!!!. Yes i am a BR owner-- and a CR,DR,DR,DR,DR as well. The reason for the Sprinting is an OR=127 !!!!!!
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    How Are the BR-units Working Out?

    If you are thinking of investing in one of these Units.. I would caution you to think twice!!!! IMO dont just walk away from this type of truck -- YOU RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!!