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    Lift gate repair

    If you do rebuild the deck, drill drainage holes in it for when it's tucked away. That's where so much of the rust comes from. It gets wet and pools up inside the folded platforms.
  2. mugurpe

    Lift gate repair

    you can get pin kits from whoever does installs locally. Pretty easy to repin a gate if you have a decent air-hammer. Doing it with a regular hammer and a drift is a PITA. A cheap harbor freight airhammer will do it. Assemble using nevr-seize. If the hole on the flip up lip is reamed out, you...
  3. mugurpe

    Stopping the reverse beeping on the transit

    our yard is in a residential neighborhood so we have killswitches for the backup beeper. I had them installed in the back near the wiring for the beeper it's self. They're usually connected to the backup-lights circuit so you'd have to run fresh wiring from the dash back to power it separately...
  4. mugurpe

    Batteries Batteries

    I always max out battery boxes with as many as they'll take. cheap insurance.
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    Hino hood bandaid

    real men go hoodless with open headers.
  6. mugurpe

    International 4300 w/air suspension

    I have one of those engines, I like it, pulls well, and I get similar mileage. Seems to start better in the cold that samilar CAT engines I've had. Truck looks great, except for my one pet peeve... hub oil caps painted over with white. Keep an eye on those fuel-tanks and straps, those rust badly...
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    Tire size

    Get a GPS and use the speedo on that instead.
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    Big Truck Penske Used Trucks

    I bought a former penske lease truck and had good experiences with it. I got it with 180K on it and it was a nice well maintained tight running truck. The problems I've had with it where standard problems that any truck of that brand would have. I didn't buy it from penske, but from their...
  9. mugurpe

    Allison transmission tips

    There are also harness/shifter-control problems that can happen which will prevent the truck from going into D. you can sometimes clear them by shifting to reverse before going to drive. So if you throw it in Drive and it doesn't shift into 1st, try going N->R->D in one fluid motion. Knowing...
  10. mugurpe

    What engine?

    I think it depends upon the year and the individual dealerships you might end up with. I like the dt466 (210HP) I've got, the truck that goes with it is mediocre however. The 3126's (pretty similar to a c7, have a 190HP and used to have a 250HP in a tractor) I've had decent experiences with but...
  11. mugurpe

    paccar versions of cummins medium duty engines

    I spoke to the local cummins shop (not a truck dealership but a standalone cummins location) and they said they could work on the PX's and their scantool/etc would work on it. The local non-paccar dealerships said they couldn't but also didn't seem too sure of themselves and maybe where thinking...
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    paccar versions of cummins medium duty engines

    I've heard a rumor that a cummins shop can't work on the px6,7,8,9 because it uses some proprietary paccar ecm interface so you can ONLY take those paccar banded cummins mills back to paccar shops, no luck getting them repaired by cummins/independant shops. Does anyone have any knowledge to...
  13. mugurpe

    insurance protect me while operating this rental truck

    check your policy (usually they give it to you in a binder or packet and you ignore it until something happens). The section you're looking for is "non-owned autos" it's is associated limit. If you opt for the rental companies coverage there's the advantage that anything happens in vegas, stays...
  14. mugurpe

    Best used semi truck for 15-25k?

    Don't go blaming a breakdown on luck... It's a $13,700 truck, expect breakdowns and count your lucky stars if you don't have lots. Even if you have a mechanic look at it, it's not going to change what it is. If it's been sitting, expect some oil leaks. Congrats on the truck, so long as it...
  15. mugurpe

    looking @ the international 4500 series

    dt466 and allison auto. It's the most standard combo and the 466 is a good motor. Easy to find, maintenance/parts will be easy, it's a strong engine, can be rebuilt, etc. Don't get the vt365, feels like it should be in a pickup truck.