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    HINO 195 P0746

    Hi all! We've got a few 195s (non Hybrid) that are starting to throw this code intermittently. Transmission P0746 - Abnormality in control valve 1 system. No other codes. One of the trucks has been doing this for a few years. I took it to the Hino dealer and they said it needs a Transmission...
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    Book time for Atomizer please 2011 Hino 258

    I received the Warranty notice from Hino for the Atomizer. We do our own labor and they want Internal invoices for reimbursement. Could someone please give me the Book time for Remove&Replace? Thanks!!
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    Hino 195 Changed Head gasket now has no Power !!

    Thanks greasy for the reply. I did command everything I could and actual met target on all tests. I reset all the history. We decided to swap Injectors from another truck just to see and now it's running fine. What a relief. Is there a test I could have run to find the injector problem? The tech...
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    Hino 195 Changed Head gasket now has no Power !!

    Hi all, We changed the head-gasket because it was leaking externally. Now throttle response is super slow with no power. No fault codes yet. I have Hino DX but I don't know what to look for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    2016 HINO 195 won't start!

    Yup it was the pump. Verified everything recommended, took out the pump and had it rebuilt. Now its up and running again. Thanks for your help!!
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    2015 HINO 195 Won't Re-gen! Fault Code P0628 Present

    Took forever but problem solved! One of the Pins on the SCV harness connector was pushing out ever so slightly. Even when we were probing the connector we didn't notice any movement. It was only when we plugged it into the SCV we noticed it. :dash2: The fuel temp sensor read 1.5 Ohms. The spec...
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    2010 HINO 258 Burns Oil

    Ok thank you that's what we figured
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    2010 HINO 258 Burns Oil

    We looked at both the Turbo and the Air compressor and they both look fine. We found the crankcase vent line to the intake tube really oily. It has what appears to be a crankcase "filter" Housing with no filter in it. That also has oil in it. Is this a sign of excessive crankcase pressure? Or is...
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    2010 HINO 258 Burns Oil

    It's at 600k now. We've repaired all external leaks. I'll take a look at the compressor and turbo and report back thanks!
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    I've been absent lately.

    Welcome Back! :happydance:
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    2010 Hino 258 Regens 3 times a day?

    Sorry for the late update.. I just wanted to wait a little while to make sure it's fixed. Turns out it was the injectors over fueling causing this condition. I took it to someone that has the Hino software to diagnose it. We replaced all 6 injectors, Baked the DPF and shes now back to normal...
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    2010 Hino 258 Regens 3 times a day?

    ..I see that the exhaust brake needs to be adjusted with the Hino software.
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    2010 Hino 258 Regens 3 times a day?

    Thanks for the reply. No Codes at all. Some soot on tailpipe. No bars on DPR gauge. Can't get DPF temps on our scanner. :( Although, I took it for a test drive and noticed the Exhaust brake doesn't slow down the truck much. I know that's needed to get the temps up for Re-gen. Is there a...
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    2010 Hino 258 Regens 3 times a day?

    Hi everyone. I don't know why but this truck is regenerating up to 3 times a day now. It used to only Re-gen around once a week. It doesn't have any fault codes, and we had the DPF baked in Nov. Any tests I can try or data I can check with our generic Snap-On truck scanner? Any input is much...
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    2014 Hino 258 P140D

    I would pull out the Atomizer nozzle first and inspect for clogging. Then pull the Igniters see how they look.