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    New App for Sprinters & Cargo Vans

    Ragman - I've had enough folks say nice things about me here on EO that any that might consider a derogatory comment, well let's just say they probably don't know me. If they did say something bad - shame on them! I'll take my ball and go home. :) Worn-out Manager - I miss talking to the...
  2. JohnMueller

    New App for Sprinters & Cargo Vans

    Those designations mean I spent a lot of time studying, and also my own money to learn the very fine details of my craft - much more so than the normal "safety geek". Great thing is I am still willing to share my knowledge with everyone (drivers and carriers) in the expedite industry. Turtle...
  3. JohnMueller

    New App for Sprinters & Cargo Vans

    Clarification and intentions of Frayt Technologies Inc Frayt Technologies Inc is a technology platform. Frayt is not a Motor Carrier. The concept of Frayt is to help owners of Sprinter and cargo vans, pick-up trucks, large SUV's and even automobiles earn supplemental income through use of...
  4. JohnMueller

    Can someone explain this pay scheme?

    Great post JerzeyVan79! :)
  5. JohnMueller

    2018 Best Fleets Award!

    Why does John Elliott always beat me to the punch? I am still pasting the link I copied. Congratulations Load One! 20 fleets recognized as 2018 Best Fleets to Drive For
  6. JohnMueller

    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    BPresley - just curious how you are doing and if you were able to find a position. Hope all is well Sir.
  7. JohnMueller

    Bolt Express is a Great company

    Expediting is the ambulance service to the freight industry. Loads are very seldom pre-planned. Carriers and their drivers are at the mercy of the call of the shipper in need. Being at the right place at the right time can make for great weeks. Coincidence of being in an area where no...
  8. JohnMueller

    W-2s and 1099s

    1099 - issued to "contractors" W-2 - issued to "employees"
  9. JohnMueller

    Sprinter Van Advances Announced

    Mercedes just released new technological advancements in Sprinter vans. Sprinter Van Redesign Highlights Connectivity, E-Commerce
  10. JohnMueller

    Another Expediting First

    Moot - wasn't that guy in a movie?
  11. JohnMueller

    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    BPresley - only the company or companies you are interested in driving for can answer if you will qualify. Research and apply to the carriers you would consider. They will notify you either way. I would say 3 points is minor, BUT, carriers do not hire based on points - they hire based on...
  12. JohnMueller

    Straight Truck Single Driver Jobs

    I would contact Premium Transportation Logistics. They have always done a great job with solo straight truck drivers.
  13. JohnMueller

    The FedEx Image

    Ahhh said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw. :)
  14. JohnMueller

    ELD''s in cargo/sprinter vans

    Moot - The certificate you posted very much resembles the document - Driver's Statement of On-Duty Hours - which I always have drivers complete at the time of orientation. The intention is so we as the company carrier do not ask that driver to exceed the HOS regulations with our first dispatch...
  15. JohnMueller

    ELD''s in cargo/sprinter vans

    The van driver becomes an operator of a Commercial Motor Vehicle at the time of commencement of the hazmat load requiring placards. The regulations state that the driver must maintain a record or log of hours worked for the previous 7 days. That record could be a time card or log and should...