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  1. davekc

    Driver shortage

    If one goes through the archives, amazingly, the majority of posts could have been from a week ago. o_O
  2. davekc

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Have to admit though, she is cheap entertainment lol
  3. davekc

    Freightliner shaking

    If you balanced the tires and they have no apparent defects, I would do alignment. Possible you need shocks as well.
  4. davekc

    Gretchen "Granholm" and her Michigan gas tax.

    45 cents is crazy.
  5. davekc

    The Fake News Depot

    I'm just shocked lol
  6. davekc

    United or Divided ..?

    I think it is divided based on this thread. Lol:D
  7. davekc

    The Fake News Depot

    It is all how they define a Hate crime. Which has been pretty fluid. Trump called Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. Hate crimes doubled. o_O
  8. davekc

    The Fake News Depot

    Will he find the same fate as Rosanne?
  9. davekc

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    She is still the gift that keeps giving.
  10. davekc

    The Trump Card...

    Climate change is the religion of the left.
  11. davekc

    Are Brokers Doomed?

    technology simply becomes the broker. Rates will be the same essentially supply and demand, and drivers will make what the market can bear. Just my penny in the pond :D
  12. davekc

    Governor Northam

    No not at all. It is a clear example of what the media decides to.pursue. That was the whole point.
  13. davekc

    Governor Northam

  14. davekc

    Governor Northam

  15. davekc

    The Fake News Depot

    That is a optimist getting carried away. Bad.