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  • Hi Dennis, was at the computer and wondered if chefdennis was still hauling. You probably don't remember me, I was at Load one for a while. How's everything going?
    My name is Joseph Carson and I was thinking about going on with bolt. I talked to Paul and he referred me to you. I have Verizon and would give you my phone number. Thank-you for your time.
    Hey Chefdennis, My name is Adam Walter and i work at All State Express. I understand you talked to our guy Bill at the show in regards to your van. We are looking to have a similar van at our booth in Dallas this year and wondered if you could get us the contact name and number at the place you bought it. He was thinking it was in OK somewhere. If you could message me the contact information that would be great! Thanks! Adam.
    Dennis, we saw your CargoMax at the J in Olive Branch, MS it was 4 am so we let you sleep. Hopefully we will have more time and not be on a run next time. Nice lookin rig.
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