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  1. bernieh48

    Who all is planning to go to the 2016 Expedite Expo

    We will be there as well as our whole fleet. Looking forward to seeing old friends and a new venue!
  2. bernieh48

    conway sale

    Yeah Conway Now did pay good until they sold us out in the middle of the night to Panther with no message to the trucks or anything!
  3. bernieh48

    Question about OOIDA

    Can anyone in here tell me if you are a member of OOIDA and if it's worth it? Wondering if the benefits are enough to warrant the yearly cost? Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's? Thanks
  4. bernieh48

    Fun Times at Expo

    First off let me say a BIG thanks to Expediter's Online and all their hard work at the Expo! Had a blast catching up with old friends and making many many more new ones! Got to plan out our expansion in the near future adding trucks to our fleet and see all the neat products we can put in them...
  5. bernieh48

    Urinating in public

    If you call the cops it will depend on what state your in as to what they will do. Most won't do anything. NC all they did was make the driver clean it up and apologize to me. Now Delaware is awesome. They arrested the guy and towed his truck and trailer!
  6. bernieh48

    Heads up if you're going to Ky next few days

    I just drove through there last night as the race was ending and there was no detour and no problems with traffic!
  7. bernieh48

    Ours was from TN.

    Ours was from TN.
  8. bernieh48

    Carrier cutting rates

    And he's a single truck owner too.
  9. bernieh48

    Carrier cutting rates

    Nope he's not on an all miles plan. He gets a base rate of $1.10 plus FSC. Then the standard dead head to the pick up like normal whatever it is for the week. He's been on this plan for a few years now and can't get them to bump him up.
  10. bernieh48

    Carrier cutting rates

    Our fleet owner has said he will give it 2 full months before he decides on whether to leave or not. And as for us. With the amount of junk truck out there with fleet owners there's not much choice.
  11. bernieh48

    Carrier cutting rates

    Oh I know it comes to less per year that's why we are just going to wait and see. We have been in expediting for 18 years now so we know the business and how things can change both for the good and the bad. I still miss the good old Robert's Express days. :(
  12. bernieh48

    Carrier cutting rates

    I have stayed out of this conversation until now. First off Dave is wrong. Panther's lowest straight truck team rate is not $1.25. The lowest I know of a friend of mine is getting contracted rate for a team is $1.10 per mile. With that being said we left Panther in Jan. to come to E1. Are we...
  13. bernieh48

    Warning about Fleet Owners

    Bruno I am not bashing all fleet owner and don't say I am! I posted that we are with a great fleet owner now that did everything by the book and treats and respects his drivers! We were with a great fleet owner before the last bad one too. Not her fault a brand new truck had problems. But even...
  14. bernieh48

    Warning about Fleet Owners

    Also make sure you get anything said to you by owner as far as who pays for what on paper too signed by both parties. That way if they tell you before hand that they pay for hotels when the truck is in the shop they can't come back when it happens and say no they don't like they did with us.
  15. bernieh48

    Warning about Fleet Owners

    Just a friendly little heads up to new drivers or ones looking to go with a fleet owner or any owner for that matter. Please make sure the owner is there with you when you are picking up the truck. And make sure you have a check list you go over with him or her as to what the truck has on it and...