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Question about OOIDA


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Can anyone in here tell me if you are a member of OOIDA and if it's worth it? Wondering if the benefits are enough to warrant the yearly cost? Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's? Thanks


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The cost is I believe $45.00 a year and if you are at a truck show it is usually cheaper to join. Personally I would not be without it. We use OOIDA when we have questions about any rules or regulations, we pick up the phone and call Scott Grenearth ask him to explain what we need to know. We get Landline that has a lot of good information, and we support an organization that about 1/2 of the time we agree with that goes to bat for us lobbying.
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US Navy
I'm life member it has help a lot
one time going thru a road check I was waved thru and a friend was stop
he ask why did you stop me trooper said you don't belong to ooida
so asked me how do I join
also they have a lot of discount you are able to use on the


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For one thing you can get a good price on their Occupational, cheaper than most carriers are charging for ...