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Risky Business

  • What about Cargo?

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 11th 2016 11:13AM
    Everyone knows that Cargo insurance generally covers theft, fire and collision, but ever wonder what it doesn't cover? ...
  • I.C. Cheat Sheet for Insurance Lingo

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 3rd 2016 12:14PM
    Several new Independent Contractors have asked for a cheat sheet on common insurance lingo they hear thrown around, and
  • What Concerns Truckers Most

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Nov 2nd 2015 9:09AM
    Dan Murray with ATRI shared a summary of their survey's "Top Concerns of the Trucking Industry" at our last Transportati...
  • Interesting Court Cases

    By Shelly Benisch, T.R.S., C.I.C.
    Posted Oct 14th 2015 12:44PM
    Just returned from the Transportation Risk Specialist conference in Orlando where Attorney Rob Moseley was one of the sp
  • Brokering

    By Shelly Benisch, C.I.C., T.R.S.
    Posted Sep 2nd 2015 11:01AM
    A recent thread on EO reminded me that there could be misconceptions out there regarding brokering.