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Dollars & Sense

  • IRS audit help and business plans

    By PBS Tax & Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Oct 19th 2007 9:11AM
    According to the SBA, a business plan should contain details about what the business will do, as well as important infor
  • Rates Verses Operating Costs

    By Dave Corfman, Fleet Owner
    Posted Sep 23rd 2007 2:56AM
    Many years ago at the birth of expediting, this would be a topic seldom discussed. Compared to other forms of trucking,
  • Business Bookkeeping

    By PBS Tax & Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Sep 10th 2007 2:07AM
    Bookkeeping can tell you how much you have collected, how much you have spent by category – such as fuel, insuran
  • Pocket The Savings

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Aug 10th 2007 3:21AM
    Reduce Engine Idling - With the ever-escalating price of fuel along with the anti-idling legislation across the nation,
  • Why Owner-Operators Fail

    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jul 2nd 2007 11:29AM
    The inability to understand the revenue-cost equation is just a symptom of a larger problem: lack of essential business