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Risky Business

  • CIS Big League News!

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Mar 14th 2017 1:26PM
    CIS and Acuity Insurance have partnered to provide new insurance solutions for our community.
  • The Great MultiTasking Lie

    By Shelly Benisch, TRS, CIC
    Posted Feb 28th 2017 9:00AM
    So the story on the Oscar Best-Picture screwup is that the guy who was in charge of distributing the envelopes of winner
  • Trump Bump means Big Bucks for Truckers

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Feb 3rd 2017 11:10AM
    Who can really trust a poll for exact numbers anymore, but suffice to say that most of us in trucking tend to be conserv
  • CDC says Flu Season could be Severe

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Jan 13th 2017 11:34AM
    Yes, if you're like me when you saw this headline you probably said, 'When DON'T they say the Flu Season will be bad?'
  • Best Xmas Gift for Motor Carrier or Broker Professional

    By Shelly Benisch
    Posted Dec 11th 2016 8:00AM
    Here's a great gift idea for the professional Motor Carrier or Broker