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Fuel for Thought

  • Fumoto Valve Gets Better

    By Eric
    Posted Apr 17th 2013 6:11PM
    The Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve makes oil changes quicker and painless, and now it’s better.
  • Summer Retrofit Update

    By Eric
    Posted Apr 16th 2013 6:32PM
    Upgrading the van interior.
  • Bricking Your Phone

    By Eric
    Posted Apr 11th 2013 6:43PM
    This is why I don’t play with my phone when I’m in service.
  • Preemptive Work

    By Eric
    Posted Apr 7th 2013 1:49PM
    A little more on replacing the transmission.
  • Down Time

    By Eric
    Posted Apr 4th 2013 7:13AM
    Trying to consolidate down time.