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Truck Topics

  • Grease – that sticky stuff
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Sep 4th 2002 9:00AM
    Grease, and the lubrication it provides, is your vehicle's friend. Read on and discover the properties that make this slippery stuff what it is.
  • Trucker Acquitted In Fatal Crash
    Posted Aug 28th 2002 9:00AM
    The conclusion of a story involving real-life courtroom drama. It's also a scenario that could play out in any of our lives, too.
  • New USDOT Regulations On The Horizon. The Most Significant Law Changes Since 1995!
    By Jeff Schroeder
    Posted Aug 26th 2002 10:00AM
    Here is an analysis of the FMCSA's "New Entrant Safety Assurance Process" from Schroeder & Associates, expert authority practitioners and regulatory issue specialists.
  • CDL Final Rule Toughens Truckdriver Penalties
    By OOIDA and Land Line Magazine Staff
    Posted Aug 26th 2002 8:00AM
    Q and A: How tough is tough?
  • Understanding Fuel Taxes
    By Ellen Voie
    Posted Jul 30th 2002 10:00AM
    This veteran trucking author offers some common-sense information about IFTA and fuel taxes.
  • Betcha Didn't Know: Fast Facts About Lead-Acid Batteries
    By Lee Kurtzmann
    Posted Jul 25th 2002 11:00AM
    Impress your friends and family members with these key points about this energy storage technology! ***image1***
  • Universal Express Introduces The Intermodal Coach
    By Jeff Jensen
    Posted Jul 21st 2002 9:00AM
    This entrepreneurial company has combined two traditional freight modalities. Will it work? Time will tell.
  • Owning Corporate Equipment
    By PBS Tax And Bookkeeping Service
    Posted Jul 17th 2002 10:00AM
    Some helpful advice from the tax professionals at PBS regarding incorporation, deductions and filing a return.
  • Andy's Road Initiation
    Posted Jul 10th 2002 6:00AM
    Andy just had his initiation to the road. Read about this dispatcher's ride-along and his impressions of the world of expediting.
  • Money, Money, Money
    By Jeff McConnell and James Mennella
    Posted Jul 5th 2002 9:00AM
    Is a certain New England state developing new "revenue streams" with the professional driver as the target? Some cautionary advice.