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  • Trucker in ‘survival mode’ talks the talk with New York lawmakers
    By Clarissa Kell-Holland, staff writer - Land Line
    Posted Apr 25th 2008 4:20AM
    Owner-operator Dale Stevens of Skaneateles, NY, said he has been in survival mode for months now as he struggles to keep up with skyrocketing fuel...
  • NLM presents awards
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Apr 24th 2008 6:26PM
    GPSNet Technologies has announced winners of the "Carrier Excellence" awards presented by National Logistics Management. These winning carriers ar...
  • Truckers get free power – for now
    By Land Line
    Posted Apr 24th 2008 4:49PM
    Truckers whose trucks are equipped for shore power are getting an extra bonus – at least for now – when they pull into the Jubitz Trav...
  • Wholesale growing but some sectors shrinking
    By Justin Carreta, online news editor - Fleet Owner
    Posted Apr 24th 2008 5:43AM
    While wholesale distribution is on the rise overall, the tough economy has left some sectors struggling to maintain their market position, an anal...
  • New Jersey measure intended to protect drivers
    By Keith Goble, state legislative editor - Land Line
    Posted Apr 24th 2008 4:52AM
    A bill in the New Jersey Assembly is intended to add a barrier of protection for drivers in the state. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, D-Trenton, ha...
  • More drunken drivers in northern tier of states, study finds
    By Kevin Freking - The AssociatedPress
    Posted Apr 23rd 2008 4:59PM
    WASHINGTON — Wisconsin drivers apparently aren't heeding the message of one of America's biggest brewers, located in their own backyard. Nor...
  • More states consider tolls on freeways amid budget deficits
    By Tom Hester, Jr. - The Associated Press
    Posted Apr 23rd 2008 4:49AM
    Lawmakers here are weighing tolls for Interstates 78 and 80, two busy highways that slice across the state from Pennsylvania to New York City. The...
  • IdleAire admits future looks grim
    By Jami Jones, senior editor - Land Line
    Posted Apr 23rd 2008 4:45AM
    Having never actually made money, IdleAire Technologies Corp., reported to stockholders in its annual report for 2007 that it has amassed a total ...
  • US economy pained by poor transportation: Study
    By Today's Trucking
    Posted Apr 22nd 2008 2:59PM
    WASHINGTON -- The U.S. transportation system is failing to keep pace with the demands of a 21st-century economy, and a piecemeal approach to impro...
  • Alcohol consumption rule is this: ‘24 hours from bottle to throttle’
    By Jim Klepper, ITJ
    Posted Apr 21st 2008 4:25PM
    Mr. Klepper, my twin brother Ron and I drive team on a dedicated route for a major carrier.  True, Ron had been drinking the night before we ...