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Driver Lifestyles

  • Ready for the road, again: A driver profile of Pam Slone
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Aug 24th 2004 10:56AM
    Pam Slone is a wife, mother, rental property manager and expediter.

    She's also a determined woman who recently suffered serious injuries when she was struck from behind by a drunk driver while en route to pick up a run. It was the type of collision that might cause another person to reconsider this vocation.

    But, not Pam.
  • Trucking, Technology & You!
    By Travis Jones, Contributing Writer
    Posted Jul 13th 2004 7:25AM
    With the numbers of web sites devoted solely to truckers and trucking issues increasing at an equally fast pace, the trucker is never alone in his or her journey.

    In fact, cyber space has become the virtual "oasis in the night" for truck drivers looking for anything - camaraderie, information, sports, news. (One would be amazed at what a general Google search could yield).
  • Five Challenges of Expediting
    By Phil Madsen, Contributing Writer
    Posted Jun 15th 2004 5:36AM
    "Life got easier when we made sleep our number one priority. Whenever we feel even a little tired, we lie down to sleep. That keeps us fully alert when we're awake. The groggy feeling some truckers warned us about does not exist in our lives.

    We make sure that at all times, at least one of us has had enough sleep to safely drive for five hours. The other can then sleep while the truck is rolling and be ready to drive in turn. If we're both tired, we take ourselves out of service and go to sleep.
  • A new ride for the Bells
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted May 4th 2004 10:18AM
    Norah has very positive comments about their new ride: "We love the truck! This is a very big sleeper and very comfortable. I like the fact that we're not sitting on our bed all the time. We can fold the bed up without making it and we can use the table and seats."

    "Jim used to have to put his laptop on the steering wheel and sit in the driver's seat; now, he can use it on the table."
  • Tuned In To Yesteryear
    By Randy Grider, Editor - Truckers News
    Posted Apr 27th 2004 10:58AM
    It’s strange how you can hear an old song and it can lure you into an almost forgotten time. “I’m a Truck” by Red Simpson takes me back to my early youth.

    My dad was an early riser, usually never sleeping past 4 a.m. when he wasn’t on the road. I can still hear the coffee percolating and almost taste the aroma. He would switch on the stereo and play that song because it made him laugh.
  • A voice across North America - Dave Nemo and XM Satellite Radio
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Apr 27th 2004 10:25AM
    I feel that AM radio has gotten away from music more and more. One of the cornerstones of our program has always been great music - great road music, trucking music especially."

    "It's part and parcel of trucking life, there's a whole genre of trucking music that nobody else is playing, but it's still a necessary ingredient if you're going to do a trucking show." - Dave Nemo

    Enter XM Satellite Radio.
  • Do-It-Yourself Comfort Zone Van
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Apr 11th 2004 4:42PM
    Van drivers don't have the living and cargo space available like their expediting brothers and sisters in the straight trucks and tractors, so they've had to improvise. Some of those improvisations have led to some interesting customizations - some that work and some that don't.

    Terry O'Connell has a system that works for him.
  • EO Featured Products
    By Lee Kurtzmann, Associate Editor
    Posted Mar 3rd 2004 5:52AM
    Ostia Smart Navigator
    Smart Navigator is a Web-based suite of location-based services developed by Pharos in partnership with Tele Atlas (a provider of digital maps) to enhance consumer lifestyle experiences and mobile professional productivity.

    The device alerts the operator that the battery is approaching a voltage that will not be sufficient for the engine to start, as well as alerting that the battery is not charging while the engine is in operation.
  • Two New Expediter Rides
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jan 19th 2004 11:17AM
    "Well, despite the fact that she had never driven a 13-speed, she wound up driving that truck all the way back home to Vermont. We were on a secondary road in New York when she keyed up the CB and told me, "I can't find one thing that I dislike about this truck."

    "That's one of the best things I've ever heard."
  • Expediting in the Heartland
    By Jeff Jensen, Editor
    Posted Jan 12th 2004 10:07AM
    "I had done tax preparation for a man who owned an Express-1 cargo van and I saw that the van was sitting on the weekends. When I asked about driving the van for him, he said that he was getting out of the business."

    "We talked about a price on the van and I wound up purchasing his 1999 Ford E-250 extended van with 5.4 liter gas engine."