Researching Becoming Van (Sprinter, Dodge, Ford) Owner Operator


New Recruit
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am currently researching becoming a van owner operator expeditor. I’m not really sure which van would be the best. I want maximum load and towing capacity. I would also like 4x4 or AWD. Sprinter vans are really expensive, so I was wondering if other options might be better. I would start hauling only on the weekends due to working a current 50 - 60 hour work week. I would like to eventually quit my current job and expedite full time. What is the best way to acquire a MC # in the state of Mississippi and also a DOT #? I want to eventually be hauling nationwide. Any info on start up processes would be a blessing. Not sure if buying used vs new would be good. Again….thanks for any and all help becoming a newbie to the transport business.