Company Drivers: Do You Feel Valued?


New Recruit
One of the things I’ve been thinking about recently is the unusually high amounts of driver turnover compared to most other industries.

I’ve heard this happens mostly because drivers find better rates at another company, so they (understandably) jump ship to better paying carriers/brokers.

For company drivers - is this true? What are the main reasons you leave a carrier?
And follow up - do you think a loyalty program from a carrier would be helpful?

For ex.
Every 10,000 miles - you get a complimentary night at a premium truck stop.
Every 3 months you stay with the company, your rate per mi increases by a few % points - so if you stay with one carrier for 5-10 years, you get paid way better than almost anyone else in the market, among other seniority/performance-based perks like:
  • Scheduling preferences for time home with family,
  • Discounts on groceries/food while on the road
  • Higher priority for rollouts of new equipment
  • Therapy/counselling while you’re on the road
Is this something you would like to see as a company driver?

I thought it would be a nice touch since it tries to improve driver quality of life, in a fun and traceable way, instead of just paying slightly more and trying to compete in the same way everyone else is.