09 Hino 338 DPR full, engine light on, and stuttering?


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330k miles on the truck and a New turbo

When I'm accelerating uphill it feels like it's choking at 1.7k and above rpm. And kinda puffs, and feels like the turbo kicks off. The rpm flutters and it feels like you just lose the turbo and then it kicks in almost immediately sorta stuttering or coughing.

On a side note. The above was happening before my DPR gauge got filled to max bars and the engine light turned on. My truck idles a lot with the PTO running and I missed the “hit your regen now” time frame. I can't put the truck into regen with the button or driving and I haven't seen it go into regen since. No idea if the DPF has been cleaned as I'm the 3rd owner or 4th owner.

This truck has been coughing for the 15k miles I've owned it. It's pretty good in town but once you get in 45mph + zones or real steep driveways it does it often. I'm working on trying out a scanner to force a regen with no luck. It keeps telling me to hit the regen button in the cab but it won’t activate the regen.

I think I have two issues. A full DPF and is the other issue fuel related? I replaced the fuel filter/separator a few times in the fishbowl. The first time the fishbowl stayed full and this time it's damn near empty. I had this issue when I bought the truck and I thought the fuel filter change fixed it but after sitting all winter the issue seems to be back.

Anyone else experienced these problems? Or know what to do. I dont have a dealer remotely close to me. My error code is “P2002”

“Diesel Particulate Filter

Efficiency Below Threshold

Bank 1”


Differential pressure is 4.35 kPa at 750 rpm

I'm still working on these issues so I'll update when I get more time to work on it. Is taking the DPF off and pressure washing it really work? Maybe I'll cave and get an expensive mechanic to randomly replace parts.