1. Elitemgmt

    Carriers that accept vehicles made within the last 10 years

    Hi, What carriers accept vehicles (cargo vans) not more than ten years old? Thanks.
  2. Lawrence

    Expediter Cargo Vans May See An Increase...

    Best news I've read yet out of the ELD mandate... Expeditors anticipate growth when ELD mandate hits The looming ELD mandate that requires every commercial truck over 10,000 lbs to be equipped with an electronic logging device starting next month is one of the biggest trucking stories of 2017...
  3. Lawrence

    Electric Expediter Vans

    With Ryder System, Inc. announcing it has begun taking delivery of its first 125 Chanje V8070 all-electric commercial panel vans, what's different about this Class 5 vehicle aimed squarely at last-mile, urban and metro-area delivery? Does it and other electric trucks have any real chance to...
  4. Lawrence

    Mercedes-Benz Vision Cargo Van Uses Drones to Deliver Packages

    Interesting. Mercedes-Benz Vision Concept Van Uses Drones to Deliver Packages |
  5. Y

    Cargo Van Navigating the Transportation Industry

    Got excited recently learning about expediting. Coming to this forum it seems so were a lot of other people. The consensus seems to be that the expediting market is saturated with vans and making money is not something you can do by accident. Enter me. Took a manufacturing job out of high...
  6. Lawrence

    Saw this at the Expediter Workshop in Knoxville

    The company who is building a prototype for this new kind of Expediter Truck was in Knoxville. Trucks By Design, LLC | The First Class Expediter Here's a few pics:
  7. Lawrence

    Important! Don't be a victim....or a fool.

    Please take 3 minutes to read this very informative blog from our very own Shelly Benisch with CIS Insurance. General Liability vs Auto Liability
  8. GA Rider

    Cargo Van Buying a cargo van, with bad credit?

    Does anyone have any good websites?