1. J

    Newbie needs to know must haves for the road.

    Im hitting the road next week, expediting regionally (if you consider regional as expediting) in the northeast in a 2014 Sprinter 2500. Are there any things (tools, accessories etc.) that I need to always have in the van. I welcome any advice that others wish they knew before they started. Thank...
  2. S

    Hydraulics to lift rear end of Ford Transit 350 XL?

    Hi all, I heard this forum might be a good place to ask for some advice. I have a Transit 350 XL Cargo, and I installed a Tommy Gate lift gate on the back. However unfortunately the extended overhang on the back plus the added gate structure underneath means less clearance, so whenever I hit...
  3. Solar

    Cargo Van Best Van to Buy

    I’m posting this in the noob section because it’s such a noob question. I had 6 months experience in a Dodge/Mercedes 2500 diesel Sprinter Van. I loved the taller ceiling. I hated every time there was an issue it was a problem finding a diesel mechanic to even work on it, and no matter what, it...
  4. Lawrence

    Sprinter Vans: Electric Truck Company Chanje Has A Plan To Clean Up Urban Freight

    Interesting read from Fast Company: Electric Truck Company Chanje Has A Plan To Clean Up Urban Freight While Tesla develops an electric semi-truck–which may be in production by 2019 or 2020–a startup has designed another type of electric delivery truck for city use, and it’s ready now. By this...
  5. Lawrence

    New Expediter Van To Be Built In Korea

    The revolutionary VANVAN will be manufactured by "Great Leader Industries" of Northern Korea. :cigar: Get them while you can....
  6. Lawrence

    Ram: Heavy van segment sees year-over-year growth

    Source: Fleet Owner For the past two years, sales of larger heavy-duty vans experienced double-digit growth even though sales in the small van segment in North America has plateaued, according to David Sowers, head of Ram Commercial Truck. During an interview with Fleet Owner at FCA’s What’s...
  7. Lawrence

    They call it a Tour Band Van But It Looks Like An Expediter...

    Hey, not so fast! LOL! This looks like an Expediter Van! :JC-LOL:
  8. D

    Is becoming a sprinter van O/O still a viable option?

    title says all
  9. Lawrence


    Let the movement begin....LOL! #cargovanlivesmatter by Lawrence posted Sep 16, 2015 at 1:14 PM