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    Schematic Wiring Diagram? 2007 J08E - 7.7l UD No Crank No Start same as some hino

    I need a wiring diagram or schematic for My 2007 UD 1800HD / J08E 7.7l diesel had some really cold days this winter and the last time it got -20 outside I had to jump the battery. Then the next day it was no crank no start - cleaned cables and batteries. Then 20-30 minutes after it didn’t have...

    2007 UD 1800hd VNT p0045 turbo and actuator replaces waiting to see result

    the truck drives for a few miles when you turn it off and on and the engine code pops up once your hitting the pedal harder going into higher rpms I saw the code was a VNT code p0045 and the turbo with actuator is being swapped finally after finding the right place that had a brand new one in...