1. S

    Hydraulics to lift rear end of Ford Transit 350 XL?

    Hi all, I heard this forum might be a good place to ask for some advice. I have a Transit 350 XL Cargo, and I installed a Tommy Gate lift gate on the back. However unfortunately the extended overhang on the back plus the added gate structure underneath means less clearance, so whenever I hit...
  2. V

    5 Sprinter Vans - 2018 Financial Results are In

    Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to Expediting, less than 2 years. Have 5 vans, one MB Sprinter and 4 Transits. Here are my results for 2018. Not sure if it's worth it due to amount off stress on me and my family. Total miles, empty and loaded - 834,000 Revenue $ 626,500 Expenses Depreciation...
  3. Pyndyk

    MB Sprinter service life

    Hi guys, What is the average life and mileage of the MB Sprinter van used in expiditipng? When will the cost of the maintainance outweighs buying a new one. Is it reasonable to expect 4 years/500K service life with regular maintenance? What numbers are reasonable for gas Ford Transit? Thanks!