state trooper

  1. Lawrence

    My last load was to....

    So where did you deliver your most recent load too? Peoria? Pittsburgh? Laredo? 10-4
  2. Lawrence

    Trooper showered in beer LOL

    Trooper Smaka a Nevada Highway Patrol gets showered by 1,000 gallons of beer during a routine DUI traffic stop, Trooper Smaka had just asked the driver if they'd been drinking that night. The beer shower was the result of a car cutting off a truck loaded with the brew. No injuries were...
  3. Lawrence

    Request from Kentucky State Police

    Good Afternoon, We have been asked to help the KSP Post 04 in their investigation. You may have had some of your readers in the area over the weekend, and use dash cameras, if you would check your routes and help the detectives gather leads. Below is the information I received this afternoon...