1. A

    Hello new here.

    Does anyone know any refeer cargo vans that are hiring? I'm a Fedex custom Critical driver. I drive a cargo van. A sprinter if you guys need more info, I'm looking to go with another company due to a horrible fleet owener. It's no bad personal feelings guy talks about my parents my family all...
  2. BenzSprinter2500

    Been dispatching trucking industry for 6 years

    I've been dispatching for about 6 years already. Now I work for some guy he has his own Mc dot all good stuff load about 15 sprinter vans I'm tired of working for him he takes allot of percentage from me I can't afford to pay drivers my own money . Should I open expedite mc or regular...
  3. Lawrence

    Saw this at the Expediter Workshop in Knoxville

    The company who is building a prototype for this new kind of Expediter Truck was in Knoxville. Trucks By Design, LLC | The First Class Expediter Here's a few pics: