1. Pigeon Post

    Setting a straight w/26" sleeper for expediting

    Ever done it, and can you share what you did? Inverter, generator, a/c, heater, TV, mini-fridge? I want to see how comfortable I can make my M2 and I'd love to hear anyone's experience.
  2. smokeybandit23

    Improving Life In The Cab

    Question for those who have experience making some OTR runs - how can I make my cab more "liveable?" I have the standard (you know, a bed) but I'm trying to find ways so make the nights more enjoyable when I'm not simply sleeping. Any suggestions?
  3. Lawrence

    They call it a Tour Band Van But It Looks Like An Expediter...

    Hey, not so fast! LOL! This looks like an Expediter Van! :JC-LOL: