sleep apnea

  1. Lawrence

    Sleep Apnea: Drivers Can Expect More Sleep Apnea Rules

    For those of us who have Sleep Apnea - we know our CPAP's are a life or death issue. :shifty: I didn't realize until I read this report that a recent Supreme Court that changes are to be expected here soon:
  2. Luke Kibby

    A LOT of Truckers may fall in these early recommendations for a Sleep Apnea Test

    Last week FMCSA’s Medical Review Board outlined recommendations they hope to require truckers to be screened for sleep apnea. Based on these preliminary recommendations, which FMCSA has no legal requirement to adopt any of the suggestions but likely lean on them when developing a sleep apnea...
  3. Lawrence

    Got Sleep Apnea? Better read this...

    It's coming down the pike. Regulations that is.... Evaluation of Safety Sensitive Personnel for Moderate-to-Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Public Listening Sessions