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  1. E

    Looking to connect with Panther van fleet owners

    Hello all! My co-driver and I have been accepted at Panther Premium Logistics, and we are looking to start out driving a cargo van for a fleet owner. We have not had any luck contacting the fleet owner they tried to connect us with, so I figured I would see if there was anyone on here that might...
  2. T

    An odd companion to have while trucking!

    Hi all! My fiance and I are in the process of getting our class B CDL's to drive a straight truck for Panther. I know a lot of drivers have their pet companions such as dogs and cats with them in the truck, but we have a bit of an odd pet that we would need to have with us. He is a bearded...
  3. Lawrence

    Industry News: Panther Founder Returns to Expediting

    Our industry doesn't make the Press Release /Wire news circuit headlines like this very often so this is very interesting. V3 Transportation Welcomes Craig Amato as a Senior Advisor & Investor Congrats to the V3 team!