1. Elitemgmt

    Carrier vehicle requirements

    Hi, I'm looking for carriers that will accept a vehicle (cargo van) made within the last ten years. If you do, what other requirements must the vehicle meet? If you do not, what vehicle requirements does your company have? I am looking to expedite, but not be on the road longer than two weeks...
  2. Elitemgmt

    Carriers that accept vehicles made within the last 10 years

    Hi, What carriers accept vehicles (cargo vans) not more than ten years old? Thanks.
  3. E

    Looking to connect with Panther van fleet owners

    Hello all! My co-driver and I have been accepted at Panther Premium Logistics, and we are looking to start out driving a cargo van for a fleet owner. We have not had any luck contacting the fleet owner they tried to connect us with, so I figured I would see if there was anyone on here that might...
  4. T

    An odd companion to have while trucking!

    Hi all! My fiance and I are in the process of getting our class B CDL's to drive a straight truck for Panther. I know a lot of drivers have their pet companions such as dogs and cats with them in the truck, but we have a bit of an odd pet that we would need to have with us. He is a bearded...
  5. Lawrence

    Industry News: Panther Founder Returns to Expediting

    Our industry doesn't make the Press Release /Wire news circuit headlines like this very often so this is very interesting. V3 Transportation Welcomes Craig Amato as a Senior Advisor & Investor Congrats to the V3 team!