1. Tonys_Corner316

    Xpo or Landstar

    First time posting in the forum world so bare with me lol I’m currently with FedEx no complainants. But recently my father has been suspended for 12months for a seatbelt ticket being resolved in court! Only rediculous thing about them so far So our plan is to purchase a second str8 truck dry...
  2. J

    Are there any Expid. Solo drivers with Landstar here?

    I would like to ask some specific questions to anyone who drives Expedite or LTL with Landstar... Especially solo drivers. Thanks
  3. Jacqueline Gholston-Gray

    How's It Going @ FedEx Custom Critical?

    It has always been my goal to return to FedEx Custom Critical as a Small Fleet Operator. I started out in 2012 and I left periodically because I couldn't make a profit as a Sub-Contractor driving someone else's Expeditor Straight Truck. I spent almost two years away refreshing my semi-tractor...