1. Bsmith8464

    2006 ud with hino jo8e check engine

    I have a 2006 Nissan ud 2000 with the hino jo8e 7.7, 165,000 Miles. I initially had a random check engine light, but turning off key and restart would correct it, but now it’s on continuously and the truck will not rev past 1900 rpm. All local repair shops encouge me to take it to the dealer...
  2. safetruck

    JO8E injector, Pcodes in UD

    2005 UD 2300 JO8E, 335K miles I owned for 100K miles without a local shop to scan or hardly want to touch it (hindsight) 1st current issue is Limp mode w/no symptoms: Average 5 times a week for last 8 weeks or so...the engine light comes on with de-rate/limp mode occurring. Most common times...