1. Lawrence

    Always Secure Your Freight. LOL!!!!

    ...and secure the driver. ;) WCGW if someone sits in the back of a van with open paint cans on a bumpy road. : Whatcouldgowrong
  2. Lawrence


    On a scale of 1 - 5. 5 being the best. How is the freight? Are you moving? Deadheading? With my ear to the ground I'm hearing it's a solid: 3
  3. Lawrence

    Good News...Did you feel it?

    Truck Tonnage Climbs in May Didja?
  4. Lawrence

    What Causes Shippers To Receive Lower Truckload Pricing?

    This is about truckload - but there is interesting info here... When it comes to getting a good price, there are things that one would reasonably suppose would lead a shipper to get better pricing when dealing with carriers. But do they? For example, one might reasonably expect that the way a...