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fleet owners

  1. E

    Looking to connect with Panther van fleet owners

    Hello all! My co-driver and I have been accepted at Panther Premium Logistics, and we are looking to start out driving a cargo van for a fleet owner. We have not had any luck contacting the fleet owner they tried to connect us with, so I figured I would see if there was anyone on here that might...
  2. Lawrence

    Fleet Owner Meet & Greet - Expedite Expo

    Fleet Owners: Exclusive Welcome Reception There are many challenges and potential landmines to your success as a Fleet Owner. Plan to attend this event to avoid some of these pitfalls. You're invited to attend our meet and greet session with complementary appetizers and beverages courtesy of...
  3. Lawrence

    Fleet Owners?

    Are you a fleet owner? If you care to share - how many units do you have in your fleet? Can you help someone with no experience get started in this business?