fedex custom critical

  1. Hustelandflow

    I may get hate for questions/comment but wtf

    Ok so I won’t mention the company name because the advertise on here. But I just got off the phone with they recruiter and it for a fedex straight truck. Ok so they said they pay 40% witch is not the problem. They said my wife and I will avg. 850-1150 per week each. so that 1600-2300 together as...
  2. nfougere

    Why does Fedex CC not accept applicants from Florida?

    So after exhausting my attempts I cannot seem to find the answer to a question. Why do recruiters from Fedex CC tell me I live too far south in Florida to be accepted as a sprinter driver for them but if I have a straight truck or tractor then it's ok? If I start driving for Fedex or any other...
  3. Lawrence

    Mike Ducker to Step Down as FedEx Freight CEO

    I could take an educated guess on a possible replacement. :bobtail: :) Mike Ducker will retire Aug. 15 as president and CEO of FedEx Freight after leading the group for four years, FedEx Corp. announced today. His successor will be named later. As head of the freight group, Ducker led FedEx’s...
  4. Jacqueline Gholston-Gray

    How's It Going @ FedEx Custom Critical?

    It has always been my goal to return to FedEx Custom Critical as a Small Fleet Operator. I started out in 2012 and I left periodically because I couldn't make a profit as a Sub-Contractor driving someone else's Expeditor Straight Truck. I spent almost two years away refreshing my semi-tractor...