1. J

    Newbie needs to know must haves for the road.

    Im hitting the road next week, expediting regionally (if you consider regional as expediting) in the northeast in a 2014 Sprinter 2500. Are there any things (tools, accessories etc.) that I need to always have in the van. I welcome any advice that others wish they knew before they started. Thank...
  2. DST001

    Expediting YouTubers ? What’s your Opinion?

    Hello Everyone I haven’t been on here for a long time just wanted everyone’s opinion on the Expediting YouTubers I have a channel Called Expedite Travels. Do you feel the YouTube videos are helpful or not helpful? Just a question
  3. C

    Part time o/o

    Hello all, I was wondering if obtaining my own cargo van and authority if it would be worth doing in my current situation. I have a cdl and work full time at my employer now which is a contract service for another company. I currently work 42 hours a week and am off from Saturday 6pm-...
  4. Tee's Delivery Service

    XPO Express

    Hi all, After 5 years, I am considering coming back to expediting. I got an offer from ES to run their st8 truck for XPO Express. My question is, do any of you have experience with XPO? Do they keep trucks moving? Are they a good company for solos?
  5. Lawrence

    Must Read: The Evolution and Cyclical Nature of Expediting

    Thanks to our very own JohnMueller ! The Evolution and Cyclical Nature of Expediting
  6. M

    New to it, need help from honest people

    I live in Washington Pa, right along I70, and have been a CDL B driver for 15 years. I have a B/M with tanker, hazmat, passenger, endorsements, no tickets, no dot's, no accidents, nothing. No criminal record, and a Veteran of the Marine Corps, 20 years. I currently drive a fuel truck in the...
  7. Kevin192410


    HI , I bought a chevy 2002 express 2500 for painting this year but the guy ended up trying to rob me by not paying me hours I worked, and trying to get me to be a 1099 but treat me as an employee so im stuck with the van I like it and see expediting as an interesting field, my situatuion is that...
  8. jot1959

    What companies are hiring company drivers right now?

    What companies are hiring company drivers right now in West Michigan? I am in the Grand Rapids area and want to drive like yesterday. I use to have a CDL A a long time ago and not interested in going back to that again, I want to expedite. I need to know what companies are hiring right now...