1. bwilly

    Potential Newbie Insurance Questions

    Met an expediter several months ago while at a dirtbike ride and he enlightened about the expediting world. Since, I've been seriously looking into making a swap from my current soul sucking job and have been asking my new found buddy all sorts of questions so figured I'd give him a break. I'm...
  2. H

    Serious Question Regarding Getting Into Expediting!

    So I'm looking into getting into expediting and yes I am serious about it; my passion is road tripping! I have several questions: 1) if I am hired by a company/ fleet owner, to deliver their freight in THEIR van, do I need any type of licenses? MC numbers or DOT/USDOT number? 2) if I finance my...
  3. djbridges

    Cargo Van Newbie researching expediting in Ford Transit

    Good morning/afternoon everyone, Currently I own a Ford Transit 350 and Im looking to make some extra money. So I guess one of the major questions I have. Is there any money to be made expediting in a Ford Transit/Sprinter?