1. R

    Possibly Starting My New Expediting Journey Next Week...

    Good afternoon Expediters, I've been reading posts for a few days now and have a basic understanding of how things work. I'm completely new to expediting and have a job opportunity working for a company driving a 2015 Dodge Sprinter as a 1099 Contractor. I'm responsible for my own fuel, the...
  2. Lawrence

    Freightliner Cascadia Expediter

    You don't see too may of these running around...9' sleeper..... No wait! 2014 FedEx TVAL DR unit - 108" AA Sleeper
  3. Lawrence

    Must Read: The Evolution and Cyclical Nature of Expediting

    Thanks to our very own JohnMueller ! The Evolution and Cyclical Nature of Expediting
  4. Lawrence

    Deck The Hauls...

    Another great article from Sean Lyden: Last-Minute Gifts Expediters will Love (and use) :christmas-card