1. UT Vol

    2005-2007 Hino 268 eld conectivity

    I have 8 of these trucks in a fleet of 15 trucks and not one is working correctly. Ive been reading other threads on here and cant seem to find a solution. will these trucks get a waiver? Is there a auto tap that works? Has anyone successfully gotten an ELD to work? Would reflashing the brain...
  2. J

    Issues with getting an ELD for 2007 Hino or older

    I own and drive a 2007 Hino Expediter straight truck. After trying numerous times to have the ELD installed in my truck, I was told that the 2007 Hino has a fuel injected control module not an ECM module and therefore is not compatible with any of the current ELDs on the market. Has anyone else...
  3. Lawrence

    Expediter Cargo Vans May See An Increase...

    Best news I've read yet out of the ELD mandate... Expeditors anticipate growth when ELD mandate hits The looming ELD mandate that requires every commercial truck over 10,000 lbs to be equipped with an electronic logging device starting next month is one of the biggest trucking stories of 2017...
  4. Darmstadter

    ELD protest Oct 3

    Link below on an article about a protest planned. I recall a protest a number of years ago over fuel that generated some media buzz, but didn't amount to anything. I don't really expect this one to be different, but what do you all think? ELD mandate protest efforts set to stage October 3
  5. Lawrence

    May I see your Log Books?

    LOL! Probably, not to far from the truth. Log Books by Lawrence posted Jun 19, 2017 at 4:43 PM
  6. Luke Kibby

    How Small Motor Carriers Are Handling The Current Business Environment

    How Small Motor Carriers Are Handling The Current Business Environment In the last 12 months, the trucking industry has seen some major regulatory changes during a slow recovery out of the Great Recession. Motor carriers are facing new regulatory rules covering hours of service, speed limiters...
  7. Lawrence

    ELD's and personal vehicles

    This is going to be interesting: A trucking industry survey earlier this year of mostly small operators found that 84% lacked electronic logs.... Looming Digital Regulation Has Trucking Industry Scrambling | Transport Topics Online
  8. Luke Kibby

    Hours Of Service: ELDs and the 100/150 Air Mile Exemption - What you need to know

    With the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule mandating carriers to have an ELD to record HOS and performance in the near future, questions have risen as to what kind of carriers and drivers are subject to this rule. The most common exemption to the new ELD mandate applies to carriers who...
  9. Luke Kibby

    5 Things DOT Inspectors Want Drivers To Know

    1. What DOT Inspector Screens Show When Drivers Near A Weigh-Station As you near a weigh -station, DOT inspectors are pulling drivers’ basic information up on their screens. There are three things inspectors look for first: ISS (Inspection Selection System) score, vehicle out-of-service score...