company driver

  1. S

    Big Truck Straight truck, What to expect?

    I have a job lined up for 25 percent of the load as a company driver (ranging 1000 bucks per load +-) going to as far as 8 hours away cross border from where I live. How does that rate sound for a new inexperienced DZ driver? What are some things i need to expect? Any advice or things ill need...
  2. Charmaine

    Not getting paid?!

    Hey guys, Considering going back OTR solo as straight truck. I originally applied with panther and did my research on other companies as well. I see the common topic of not getting paid on time or at all. Could someone give decent companies to look at. I don’t need any rainbows and gumdrop when...
  3. E

    New to Straight Trucks

    I've been driving a sprinter van that my brother owns for a bit but I was looking to drive small or large straights instead. I'm 20 and live in Knoxville,TN. 1.) Are there any companies that lease or rent straights? I look for my own loads so I just need a truck. If anyone knows any way I can...
  4. A

    Hello new here.

    Does anyone know any refeer cargo vans that are hiring? I'm a Fedex custom Critical driver. I drive a cargo van. A sprinter if you guys need more info, I'm looking to go with another company due to a horrible fleet owener. It's no bad personal feelings guy talks about my parents my family all...
  5. S

    I want to get into expediting but i'm not an OO

    I don't own any equipment myself but i have a clean driving record and a Class A CDL license. Would preferably like to drive a cargo or sprinter van or maybe a box truck. Are there any companies that will hire company drivers? So far all i have seen is companies wanting OO.
  6. jot1959

    What companies are hiring company drivers right now?

    What companies are hiring company drivers right now in West Michigan? I am in the Grand Rapids area and want to drive like yesterday. I use to have a CDL A a long time ago and not interested in going back to that again, I want to expedite. I need to know what companies are hiring right now...