1. coastline

    Michigan o/o Transit mid-roof for local work

    New o/o in Michigan looking for regular local work ie Traverse City to Grand Rapids, Detroit to Holland, Grand Rapids to Indianapolis / Chicago etc. Smaller/shorter regular trips. New 2018 Transit Mid-roof 148" WB. Anticipated available date May 25, 2018 $1 mil liability & 100k cargo,
  2. coastline

    DOT physical for sprinter

    I have been involved in passenger transportation for 19 yrs. I am looking to change to sprinter/cargo van service. What companies do not require a DOT physical for Sprinter/Cargo van work? DOT regs do not require physicals for GVW >10,000 but it appears many companies do. Thanks in advance.
  3. Lawrence

    Expediter Cargo Vans May See An Increase...

    Best news I've read yet out of the ELD mandate... Expeditors anticipate growth when ELD mandate hits The looming ELD mandate that requires every commercial truck over 10,000 lbs to be equipped with an electronic logging device starting next month is one of the biggest trucking stories of 2017...
  4. Lawrence

    New Expediter Van To Be Built In Korea

    The revolutionary VANVAN will be manufactured by "Great Leader Industries" of Northern Korea. :cigar: Get them while you can....
  5. Lawrence


    On a scale of 1 - 5. 5 being the best. How is the freight? Are you moving? Deadheading? With my ear to the ground I'm hearing it's a solid: 3
  6. M


    Hello everyone, I am out of Atlanta, GA and I just got my cargo van. I have been driving for companies for quite sometime now and I am ready to be run for myself. I was looking to run freight for a company as a Owner Operator but having trouble finding a company that does cargo vans. Does anyone...
  7. Lawrence

    Cargo Theft: Top 3 States

    Not really surprised by this.... I was speaking with someone recently who had a meeting with the major truck OEM's about making a cab/box/trailer integrated alarm system as an option. Long over due... Anyway an informative read here:
  8. L-POP


    I am an independent contractor, I have my own insurance and deliver goods for a company that receives them at their warehouse from shipper. They want me to list them as payee in the case of loss/damage cargo. My insurance company refused but didn't explain why. Shouldn't the company that...
  9. J

    Expediter Dispatcher Recommendations Sprinter

    Hey All, Can anybody recommend a great dispatcher for sprinters. And or the best load boards to find loads. I'm with a company now but I'd like to hedge my bet with multiple streams to find loads. Thanks in advance for your replies
  10. Lawrence


    Let the movement begin....LOL! #cargovanlivesmatter by Lawrence posted Sep 16, 2015 at 1:14 PM