bolt express

  1. Elitemgmt

    Carrier vehicle requirements

    Hi, I'm looking for carriers that will accept a vehicle (cargo van) made within the last ten years. If you do, what other requirements must the vehicle meet? If you do not, what vehicle requirements does your company have? I am looking to expedite, but not be on the road longer than two weeks...
  2. Elitemgmt

    Carriers that accept vehicles made within the last 10 years

    Hi, What carriers accept vehicles (cargo vans) not more than ten years old? Thanks.
  3. M

    Good company to lease under

    Newbie to sprinters and considering Bolt Express or XPO to lease under.....!!! I'm working 144wb sprinter about 129.5 length about 2 pallets. Is one better than the other? Any suggestions to consider?
  4. U

    Bolt Express

    Anyone who drives for Bolt Express doing the straight truck. Looking for information about them, pay wise, would like to see settlements. Miles you ran, looking into owner operator or company information thanks in advance
  5. M

    Needing help

    I'm an O.O looking to become fleet-owner, I need a contract to have a driver sign with Bolt Express, can someone help me out?