1. Lawrence

    Driver's Choice Award

    This year at Expedite Expo 2017 we're giving away $1000.00 cash to the lucky winner whose name we draw from the ballots for the 2017 Speedco/Expedite Expo Choice Award Winners! On Saturday, we will award the Best Looking Truck on the show floor with the Driver's Choice Award. We hope to see...
  2. Lawrence

    Used Sleeper Truck Prices 2017

    Looking for a used truck? Prices are falling in your favor! :cigar: (Source: Price Digests) Look here: For Sale: Expediter Used Trucks New and Used Expediter Trucks For Sale
  3. Lawrence

    Expedited Trucking 2017 Forecast

    What are the key trends to watch in expedited trucking in 2017? What direction is the expedite market heading--will it grow, hold steady, or hit economic headwinds? We asked three industry experts to peer into their crystal ball and share what they see for 2017. Here are the highlights. Read...