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Recent content by schwanman

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    New to expediting

    Same here? I guess he took my advise.
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    Ready for another Feb-ulos Month

    What do you think of setting weight at 2,000 and see how busy they keep you? Less weight would lead to longer life? Just a thought.
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    All NFL Teams 2017 - 2018

    Schwartz gets a ring! Ouch
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    2018 Best Fleets Award!

    You sound like a lion's fan
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    Another question: Any advantage/disadvantage using rv card for gas purchases?
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    I'm getting points and showers only when swiping at pump? The printed reciept shows same as pump price? Does it come off later?
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    Pilot says you get either points and showers or .03 off gasoline purchases with card. Anyway around that?
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    2017 Ford Transit Rear Differential Problems

    Info on plastic part for promaster trans please.
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    Get your wallet out

    Those traffic lites drive me nuts! Lol
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    Get your wallet out

    When figuring in wear and tear on vehicle, safety, gas mileage, etc. I would think toll roads would be the way to go?
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    The cost of staying warm

    I did the same as you and ran intake up 4'. Also I bought a "y" pipe online and have heat under bed and on top.
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    The cost of staying warm

    No screen?
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    The cost of staying warm

    Mine just has a knob with 0-4 numbers. I tried googling but found nothing. If I need service I'll check with them.
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    The cost of staying warm

    5th winter on my gas espar. No service or problems yet. How/where do you find hours?