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    Loves Travel Stop

    Basically they are a fuel and go stop for me. The deals they have on things like Monster Energy drinks are pretty nice.
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    //// Custom Tow rig for expedited RV work ////

    Thoughts or opinions? Terrible, bad, and really dumb jump to the top of the list. You are looking at a really basic operation and trying to completely change it into something complicated that dramatically increases risk for a rather poor paying gig if they can't find backhauls that pay well...
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    Starting my own fleet.

    Best advice is don't do it. Step away from the idea and find a better investment.
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    Tail lights / clearance lights not working

    I would make sure fuses are OK and then go to the switch next.
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    Happy Birthday from Lawrence

    Happy birthday.
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    All NFL Teams 2017 - 2018

    Of course the Jets are starting out by cutting one of their best players.
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    Newbie with a question reguarding pay

    What's the name of the company? Reputation is everything in this business.
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday Xiggy

    Happy Birthday
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    The Trump Card...

    I always thought that Trump was mocking that reporter but I didn't really care because I saw it as Trump insulting someone like he has done in the past. It was a sign that he was treating that reporter as an equal instead of acting like he was a delicate flower that needed special treatment...
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    The Curse of Oak Island

    I have been catching up on it. It's pretty interesting how the story seems to have been around so long.
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    The Trump Card...

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    The Trump Card...

    She's so downtrodden that she doesn't even realize that she is a victim. It seems like she is being brainwashed at home and the oppression needs to be reported.
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    The Trump Card...

    If the jobs and money stay here then the minimum wage "issue" will correct itself as the competition for workers increases. It would require a change in direction and thinking in this country.
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    The Trump Card...

    We couldn't make it as a total isolationist country with the current setup but minimizing trade deals is best for the American workers. We are a nation of consumers which will shift wealth out of the US to other places that produce goods.
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    The Trump Card...

    You say that like it's a bad thing. The less dealings we have in the world the better off we are whether it be trade deals or dispensing freedom at the end of a gun.