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    Some input if you

    I think you would make more $ driving straight truck rather than cargo van. Try Hours does pretty good keeping solo drivers busy. Talk to their recruiting department and they could probably place you with an owner. :D
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    Oh thank you for these posts..I laughed so hard. They made my day. It is nice to see such lighthearted fun on here.
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    Wanted to say hello

    Hello everyone, I've been on EO for a few years now, not sure how long actually. Just decided I would like to get in on all the great conversations here. Hope to see you around the forums.:)
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    Pilot in Lodi

    The rest of the story.... I have not heard anything from Pilot Corp. as of tonight. I doubt I will. Thanks everyone for your comments.. I was just really very frustrated with that woman's actions that evening..
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    Pilot in Lodi

    Thanks Greg.. I do have an email in to Pilot Corporate.. and My husband is calling them also. This lady obviously hasn't had much training in human compassion.. I am so furious..
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    Pilot in Lodi

    Words cannot even describe how I feel right now about the night manager working tonight 05/07/10 at Pilot in Lodi, Ohio. My daughter was in the middle of damaging winds and a tornado warning shown to be coming right through Lodi on I-76 headed towards Seville where we live. My daughter and...
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    Well off to court...

    The Magicoen, I wish you all the luck in the world. You seem like a very dedicated driver to be on the road for that amount of time. Your owner seems very unreasonable and just in it to make a buck for himself. Good luck I'll be watching for the outcome. Trish Fleet Owner
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    Panther Agent passed away from Cancer

    Thank you everyone for you kind words and support. Cathy loved working with all of you at Panther II. She will be greatly missed by all those who loved her. Tricia (Her Baby Sister)
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    Problems with Freightliner?

    Raceman I will await the name of the shop you go to. I have looked in my area with no avail. Anyone know of one in the Akron - Cleveland area? Thanks
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    Problems with Freightliner?

    I hear what your saying. I just wish I had that experience. It took us 3 shops in 2 days to finally find out what our trucks problem was. I'm not bashing anyone hear just trying to find out if its just my luck or if anyone else is unhappy.
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    Problems with Freightliner?

    Hi, I am just being curious. Anyone else out there with a Freightliner having problem with their service garages and so called service points (TA)? We have had such bad luck at most of these places we take our trucks to I can't even describe. There hours of service are rediculous, they don't...
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    Just Give us OUR RATE

    I agree, no dispatcher should ever treat any driver with anything else but respect. I was a dispatcher for 4 years and I do know that some did not have the patience or personality for it. It was almost like a power-trip for them. It is a very stressful job being a dispatcher, and my head hurt...
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    Do you use PrePass?

    I called Richard today to get Best Pass.. Thanks for the great info. Trish
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    lease needed? 1 truck owner adding driver to make

    RE: lease needed? 1 truck owner adding driver to m Hi, Are you paying all the fuel and tolls or are you wanting your co-driver to pay half? For example if a non-owner team is in a truck and paying fuel and tolls they normally recieve 60% of all revenue including fuel surcharge. It will...
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    Need some straight answers!!!

    Hi GavinsDad, I am a fleet owner and I have also worked on the inside as a dispatcher for 4 years. My suggestion to you would be since you haven't done expediting to look into driving for someone first for at least 6 months to get your experience in the expediting business. You will either...