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Recent content by Ibrahim chukadze

  1. Ibrahim chukadze

    Cargo Van Dayton Ohio Owner/Operator Looking for work

    Hi everyone I tried to apply to all the companies listed here on website but most of them have age limit for the van it's just doesn't make seance to me why??? anyways .. I own 2008 dodge sprinter 2500 3.0l 170wb high roof , 16 ft cargo space , new engine installed 1 week ago it's in good...
  2. Ibrahim chukadze

    Jet piston oil cooler 2007 to 2009

    Does any one by any chance has an jet piston oil cooler laying around and willing to sell it or bad engine assy ..? It's for 3.0 diesel engine
  3. Ibrahim chukadze

    Short engine block

    Hi everyone , I got 2008 dodge sprinter 2500 3.0l diesel engine , looking to buy short engine block please let me know if any one have it or knows where to get it thank you !!