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    It's a Team's Life Don't look Down

    We have all seen the aftermath of someone looking down or away from the road in front of them while driving. It only takes seconds for a safe driver's record to be irreparably damaged by taking your eyes off the road. Turning to talk to a passenger in the vehicle, dropping something on the...
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    It's a Team's Life Hypocrites

    Over and over, I have heard drivers say they do not want self-driving trucks as it will put them out of a job. While the above statement is not technically true, many drivers think they will be done out of a job. My question is, how many of these drivers use the self-checkout by choice at a...
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    It's a Team's Life Is Anything Really Free?

    One of my favorite sayings, “Nothing is Free,” but that is not entirely true. Smiling at someone, say “good morning or evening,” is free, and so is friendship. When we give of ourselves and ask nothing in return, that is the definition of free. READ MORE...
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    It's a Team's Life Covid Surcharges

    Covid has changed how we dine out or do not dine out. When the restaurants closed in the truck stops leaving only fast food-to-go options, we stopped eating in restaurants. In the past seven months, we have tried a couple of times to eat at what was formerly fast-food restaurants we enjoyed...
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    It's a Team's Life Turmoil

    This is where I wish we were right now and maybe for the unforeseeable future... READ MORE...
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    Fuel for Thought COVID Collapse

    2020 has been a very interesting year, so far. We have seen the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) into our society and the attempts to quash the virus. READ MORE...
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    It's a Team's Life The Los Angeles Aqueduct Cascades

    Have you ever noticed pipes coming out of the mountains in California or this stair-step looking slide? All of this has to do with getting water to Los Angeles from the mountains, without this water there would not be a city. The aqueduct was started in 1905 and has been expanded once. The...
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    It's a Team's Life California did it right!

    Not often do I say those words but… Have you seen these markings on the streets in California? We have used a lot of them and they sure make sense for the trucks. I have noticed them on two and three-lane roads and the traffic moves a lot quicker.... READ MORE...
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    Risky Business 4 Keys to Owner Operator Truck Insurance YouTube & Cheat Sheet

    Quickly understand the 4 Keys to Owner Operator Truck Insurance with this easy YouTube cartoon and handy Cheat sheet. CLICK HERE to see more...
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    Fuel for Thought There Is NO Excuse For Poor Customer Service

    It always amazes me when I see a business owner providing poor customer service. It is a universal truth that without customers, businesses cannot survive. Every business, regardless of what product they sell or service they provide, must have customers to survive and thrive... READ MORE....
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    It's a Team's Life Is Aerodynamics worth it?

    Our current ARI sleeper is not aerodynamic and we are paying the price. When we decided to buy an ARI Legacy sleeper we knew that it was not aerodynamic and we would pay the price in our fuel costs. The 2019 Freightliner Cascadia is very aerodynamic and we knew the truck would make up for some...
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    Fuel for Thought Write-Offs

    As we near the end of another year, many owner operators start to consider their impending tax implications for the year. Some will scramble until the last possible minute, while others have meticulously tracked their income and expenses throughout the year and have a firm understanding of the...
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    It's a Team's Life Sleeping in a moving truck

    Is it really possible to get quality sleep in a moving truck? Over the years we have fine-tuned our hours of what times work best for our driving schedule. We both need some time when it is dark and neither of us is good at taking naps. Since Bob is a night owl he drives from 3 pm to roughly...
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    Fuel for Thought Have you ever been to Springfield?

    Have you ever been to Springfield? How about Midway or Fairview? Traveling around the U.S., we see many cities or towns with the same name. It stands to reason that it is because there are so many towns, even in the same state, with the exact same names that we would see the same town over and...
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