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    Stand or Kneel?

  2. boonsdad


    They prefer all white trucks. Yes on the companies down south.
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    New to expediters

    OVM Mfg, Bison, SD
  4. boonsdad

    Cargo Van Starting Next Week with Panther and I've Got Questions

    Usually just another disappointment.
  5. boonsdad

    Cellular bargain

    Verizon has a 15% veterans discount, just show DD214 at Verizon store.
  6. boonsdad

    So... What is the Story on Laredo...?

    My dog just got attacked by fire ants at the TA, i told him not to pee on that little mound, but he ain't too smart he'll do it again.
  7. boonsdad

    Pray for Dallas.

  8. boonsdad

    Are you slow?

    With companies making record profits the rates are only low to the drivers. Trucking companies are making a killing selling loads to their own expedite divisions. Anyone that really thinks they are bidding loads this low is out of their mind.
  9. boonsdad

    Are you slow?

    Single truck owner or Expediter Services? They seem to be the ones moving well.
  10. boonsdad

    Are you slow?

    I think they have a competition in Greene of who can send this team the crappiest load.
  11. boonsdad

    Are you slow?

    Single truck owner? We get the 475 miles DH for 22 loaded miles type run offers.
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    Are you slow?

  13. boonsdad

    Are you slow?

    seems to be a problem only for single truck owner teams
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    Newbie to Everything

    Its beginning to look a lot like spring.
  15. boonsdad

    Expediter Dispatcher Recommendations Sprinter

    When talking dispatchers we can never forget Hugh G. Rection, we have all had him many times over.