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  1. aquitted

    Birthday! Happy Birthday, aquitted

    Awww Thank you guys!!
  2. aquitted

    The Trump Card...

    I love this thread! Happy New Year to all my EO buddies out there.
  3. aquitted

    Very Moving

    Budweiser commercial after 9/11 only aired once so as not to benefit from it financially from it they only wanted to acmnowledge the tragic event.
  4. aquitted

    Stand or Kneel?

  5. aquitted

    FedEx is the absolute worst

    Bro' John I couldn't agree with you more sir. Glad to see youre alive and well! :bobtail:
  6. aquitted

    The Trump Card...

    Yup, even i knew that and I used to drive C & M Transport.:nothingtoadd:
  7. aquitted

    The Trump Card...

    i believe it was Turtles driving expediting vehicles. (HUMOR):eek:
  8. aquitted

    Birthday! Happy Birthday, aquitted !!!

    Thanks for the Birthday wishes even though it was last year:):JC_ThankYou:
  9. aquitted

    Birthday! Happy Birthday, aquitted !!!

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes guys, Although I don't post much i.m always copying the mail!:) :):)
  10. aquitted

    The Trump Card...

    According to Donald Trump's Feb 25th tweet; "The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama's first mo.":bobtail::happyhappy:
  11. aquitted

    Re: Kroger

    They just built a super kroger here in Chesapeake Great store!:)
  12. aquitted

    Navy Sub

    I got it on video also but can't figure out how to post it, maybe someone could tell me how if it's possible.
  13. aquitted

    Navy Sub

    Saw this sub and patrol boat on my boat trip in the Chesapeake Bay last week
  14. aquitted

    Coming this November

    In case anyone is interested this documentary written and produced by my sister will air November 24th on the FREEFORM channel (formally ABC Family) Check cable guide for time in your area. Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!:t9305:
  15. aquitted

    Not sure this was even noticed?

    Great observation Dave I hope you don't mind if I re post this on another Forum.