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New Status Updates

  1. Turtle
    NyQuil - the daytime drive your truck into a ditch cold medicine.
  2. Maracachimba
    Alert on road....
  3. Run hard
    Run hard
    Can you make money as a solo expeditor
    1. Treadmill
      One can make money. It depends what your circumstances are. If you are running with a st8 truck then yes you can make money. One can make more money in a st8 truck than a cargo van.
      Feb 3, 2018
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  4. Jennifer L Allen
    Jennifer L Allen
    Hi!!! Headed to orientation for Bolt Express Monday... Anyone drive for them
  5. jbrodgers
    jbrodgers Dreamer
    Hi there.
    I am potentially coming to Landstar, and would very much like to pick the brains of some of your seasoned expedite drivers.
    I am an experienced otr driver, but new to expedite, and dealing with recruiters is unnerving.
    Therefore, I would like permission to join your Landstar forum.

    Thank you
  6. jbrodgers
    jbrodgers Dynamite 1
    Hello Dynamite.
    I would like permission to join the Landstar forum board.
  7. Terry Bratt
    Terry Bratt
    Taking questions for another 15 mins. Then U.S.Motor Carriers Q & A session will close for this evening.
  8. Terry Bratt
    Terry Bratt
    U.S. Motor Carriers online for Questions now 11:39 central
    1. Terry Bratt
      Terry Bratt
      We're looking for Tractor teams. But only ones who understand the statement " Running smarter NOT harder".
      Jan 23, 2018
    2. Terry Bratt
      Terry Bratt
      Teams who wish to net good money but not have to run 6 to 8k a week and still make same amounts of money!
      Jan 23, 2018
  9. Terry Bratt
    Terry Bratt
    Online for next 15 mins for a Q&A session regarding U.S.Motor Carriers looking for Tractor trailer teams. My name Terry
    1. Treadmill
      I don’t think many people are up at this time of the day.
      Jan 22, 2018
  10. Higley75
    I would like to become a Owner/operator Sprinter cargo van driver where do I start??
    1. Treadmill
      Read from the newbie section. Probably go back 1-2 yrs. and read every subject that may help you with starting out. Probably best to start driving for an owner if this is your first time doing this type of work to see if it your cup of tea.
      Jan 22, 2018
  11. Al-aukeily hussain
    Al-aukeily hussain
    St-Louis mo
    1. Treadmill
      El Paso, TX
      Jan 22, 2018
  12. Al-aukeily hussain
  13. dmrexpress1
    dmrexpress1 RedBird
    Hi, are you looking for more work out of Milwaukee? I'm looking to hire 1-2 sprinters or cargo vans in the upcoming weeks.
  14. retsiemxela
    retsiemxela T270_Dreamin
    Hi, I'm from Denver but I didn't think it was possible (profitable) to run out of that area, so four years later I'm still on the road wishing I could get home to see my mother more often. Do you work with a broker who knows the area? I drive a 3 pallet sprinter.
  15. Peter Heaviland
    Peter Heaviland
    Owner of Midwest Transportation Services since Dec. of 2008 to present.
  16. zenn7
    zenn7 greasytshirt
    Just to say thx re Hino 195 in Qc.. Not having any luck getting my reply up in the thread
    Researching before diving in....great information here. It's greatly appreciated!
  18. wvspeedy
    Had wreck in NJ in NJ almost a year ago
  19. GoBucks
    GoBucks Sarah
    I'm assuming you found someone to team with. I live in Ohio and have been with FedEx for 1 yr, had a CDL for 3 yrs.
  20. Roadtow1
    Roadtow1 greasytshirt
    Hello Greasytshirt, I have a 2010 Hino 258 rollback with 259k on it.New hire used last weekend. I got it back last tuesday, and noticed that the DPR bars were at H. The truck has never gone over 4 bars. The kid said he saw no light flash for the regen.The truck still runs fine, no limp mode, etc.The check engine light has been on since i have owned. I cannot get it to regen. Any advice?
    1. greasytshirt
      Pm me.
      Dec 28, 2017