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It's a Team's Life

  • Take Advantage
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 30th 2009 1:12PM
    We are often presented with opportunities while out on the road to go and have fun. We have a double edged sword as when we are running slow we have time to site see but worry about the funds. When we are running hard we have spare cash but...
  • Cattle Drive
    By Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 27th 2009 2:15PM
    Each day is a new day out here! I took some pictures of what we just saw after we unloaded our load. Usually when something of interest happens like this I cannot get to my camera for today it worked out that I could record this happening.
  • Brandy
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 25th 2009 11:37AM
    Our youngest daughter is an inspiration to us in many ways. She is now a Captain in the Air Force. She is a civil engineer who really enjoys her job and enjoys being in the service and the many opportunities she has. She is also an athlete who has started running marathons.
  • Staying Alert
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 23rd 2009 1:36AM
    Bob and I split our driving shift between 2 and 3 in the morning. Sometimes it can be work to stay alert just before the sun comes up for me. I have downloaded what I call my stay awake music and when I see the sun trying to peak its way out I go to my stay awake music.
  • Who are you going to call?
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 21st 2009 1:16AM
    We have found that having a network of friends sure helps to make our lives easier! We have contacts with in the office, we have contacts among other expediters and we have contacts in other areas of trucking. The cell phone keeps us in touch.
  • Education is the key to our successful business!
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 19th 2009 1:03AM
    Bob and I are constantly reading talking and listening to trucking information. The better informed we are the better we can stay on top of what we need to do to have a successful business. We not only read books on trucking we read self help books
  • Pre Planning Christmas
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 17th 2009 12:47AM
    Planning your gift purchased for Christmas while on the road. I am a catalog shopper which works well for me since we are in the truck running up and down the highways! I try to have all of my Christmas catalog shopping finished and the orders at the house by Thanksgiving.
  • Purple Oatmeal
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 15th 2009 3:25AM
    How cool is purple oatmeal first thing in the morning? I have always been a fan of oatmeal and this past year I have started adding fresh berries to my oatmeal. With winter coming on I have been having a hard time finding blueberries at a reasonable price...
  • What do the truckstop showers look like?
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 14th 2009 2:20AM
    Sometimes you can wait over an hour for that much desire shower or as is usually the case they are immediately ready for you to use. You can always ask for an extra towel and many places will give a girl two towels which is nice.
  • Cold & Hot
    By Bob & Linda Caffee
    Posted Oct 12th 2009 3:43AM
    This time of year is awesome to see and experience with the leaves changing and the weather fighting the onset of freezing temperatures.

    This time of year we can have our winter coat on in the morning and be looking for our shorts by the evening.