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The Petro Dollar ( China VS the US)

Discussion in 'The Soapbox' started by iceroadtrucker, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. iceroadtrucker

    iceroadtrucker Seasoned Expediter

    Tractor Trailer
    Yupper you read right China, the cold war is on and China as stated is making moves to unseat the United States Great American Dollar.

    Back in 1973 Henery Kissenger swong a Deal with Saudi Arabia in making all oil Be bought and sold on the American Dollar Standard.

    What going on well China for one is making Allies with Soviet Republic (Russia) Canada, Vensualia, Iran, North Korea, Yupper Pakastan and the Land of Emerits its self just to name a few. Yupper even the Land down under.

    Whats going on Ill tell ya China want to unseat the Dollar. Thus topple the United States in the same way Russia Fell. Well how they doing it well shoot they hold Trillions of Dollars of US debt. They are buying up all the Gold and Silver they can and rights to oil commidites as well. Each year the Nations report how much gold they have to the world Markets. ITs been since 2009 for China. Why well let me tell you they are hoarding it.
    They want to make the Youan the Std.

    Well any way think what you want but they are aling themselfs with the nations to do so.
    If opec choose to leave the Petro Dollar std American Dollar as the std to buy and sell oil the United States is Screwed.

    I know there will be alot here that say BS Well you got that right. But I got the same right to post the whats realy going on.

    A few years ago I posted that china was backing the Soviet Republic in war games making runs on the US again just like they did back in the Cold war years, Alot of you thought I was full of myself well I was right wasnt I yupp.
    Ya they did and are as our bases went on alert afew years ago for real as they were doning joint manuvers toward Alsaska. Sister Sara Vice president that was tobe confirmed it after the fact but the Media never pick up on it.

    What that all mean well like I said China is aling its self with Allies to back them.
    For what well its simple to take down the US.

    In a cold war so to speak MONEY. You know what will come after that Yupper
    a WW 3 Yupper.
    China Breaks the Petro Dollar that was set up my Henery Kissenger with Saudis back in 1973 we are screwed.

    What do we got now a Govt that wants to get rid of all guns ya why China & the Soviet Republic. What the guns got to do with china well let me tell you somthiing. I just told you what china is doing behind the scense buying gold and Silver and putten in there Great bank. The Oil they are cutting deals with to cut the Petro Dollar. About the Guns well when CT shooting went down they were already putting pressure on OBAMMA what ua gona do you gona ban assult weapons what the matter cant you control you people of you country. Hmm no wonder the Gun banishment carp.
    I guess you sitting there in your little office chair and think Im so out there. Im not, and you may got your college degreee in Underwater Basket Weaving and can fool alot of people but your not fooling me nor can china.

    Let our Law makers take our right to Bear Arms away. Given to us by our forefathers. Thus making the US Ripe for a take over. Well Invasion maybe mabe not but making the citizans of this country defensless yup.
    Why did they ask what was America going to do when the CT shooting went down. Its none of their business but China an Soviet Republic did. Why???
    Think about it You got the College Degrees. Got somthing to tell ya so Do I.
    But I dont wear blinders like the Plow Horse get my drift. Think outside the box vice inside. Now I give it a bit more and if China Succeeds our Kids will see this great Country as we know it Fall to poverty and be consumed by what we swore to defend against. Who fault is it. Well its our fault our fault for following stinking political views. (Im a Democrat or Im a Republican) and fight over stupid things that are meaningless vice putting our heads together for the good of the people and this country. Well America its here the Breaking of the Petro Dollar that was set up in 1973 by Henery Kissenger. China that big snake is Hungry and they want our Title. Go figure. Fall of the Petro Dollar. Think about it.

    Buy Gold and silver.
    not bonds or notes or commidites of it.
    invest in AMERICA.

    knock knock
    whos there
    China who
    China you!!!!!!! ching ching chong.
    OOPS did you take your blinders off yet ?
    Dont you think its time.
  2. layoutshooter

    layoutshooter New Recruit

    We don't have to worry about China destroying the dollar. Obama and this congress are doing it for them. All they have to do is sit back an wait. Obama is even trying to remove our guns to make it easier for them when they take over.
  3. aquitted

    aquitted Seasoned Expediter

    In the words of Mighty Merle is the best of the free life behind us now? are the good times really over for good?
  4. OntarioVanMan

    OntarioVanMan Expert Expediter

    there has been a move to remove the US dollar from the world standard for oil for years now...

    US dollar is no better then junk bonds anyhow....who cares?>...
  5. Tennesseahawk

    Tennesseahawk Seasoned Expediter

    NWO would never let the Chinese have the standard for currency. Ain't happnin.
  6. wvcourier

    wvcourier Rookie Expediter

    Amero is going to be the new North American Currency. This has been planned for years. You mean China vs the Jews...America is an illusion.
  7. Ragman

    Ragman Expert Expediter

    Straight truck
  8. layoutshooter

    layoutshooter New Recruit

    You will when it happens.

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